Photographer Captures The Daily Torture Of Tokyo’s Sardine Can Subways

Up against the wall.

If you thought jumping on the Central Line during rush hour was bad, think again, because Tokyo’s subway system is a whole other level of people-packing.

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During the Japanese capital’s rush hour, subway passengers are squeezed onto already packed carriages, often leaving travellers contorted and uncomfortable. No one has captured this pain better than German photographer Michael Wolf. He has been living in Hong Kong and Paris and his work focuses on big cities. His series ‘Tokyo Compression’ looks at the overcrowding on public transport and how this affects the individual:

Michael Wolf 1Michael Wolf 2Michael Wolf 3Michael Wolf 4Michael Wolf 5Michael Wolf 6Michael Wolf 7Michael Wolf 8Michael Wolf 9Michael Wolf 10Michael Wolf 11Michael Wolf 12Michael Wolf 13Michael Wolf 14Michael Wolf 15Michael Wolf 16Michael Wolf 17Michael Wolf 18Michael Wolf 19

Commuting is bad enough – imagine having to spend up to an hour each morning and night with your face squashed up against a glass door. No thanks.

No wonder Japan is thinking about introducing a three-day weekend. They need a break.


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