Paul McCartney Just Won The Mannequin Challenge By A Landslide (VIDEO)


The viral Mannequin Challenge has been going on for a while now, so it was only a matter of time before Paul McCartney got in on the action.

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After all, the soundtrack to the Mannequin Challenge – Rae Sremmund’s ‘Black Beatles’ – is of course a reference to McCartney’s legendary band.

True to form, he absolutely nailed it:

Can Paul McCartney win any harder at life? The guy has millions in the bank, hundreds of smash hit records, is universally well-liked, and yet he still found the time out of his busy schedule to film a 17-second masterpiece and win the Mannequin Challenge at the tender age of 74. Consider the mic well and truly fucking dropped.

Tyga will never forgive himself for denying Paul entry to his Grammy after-party last year.


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