Neymar Attempts To Nutmeg Bolivian Defender; Gets Absolutely Battered Instead



One of the best parts of playing football is when you do some sick skill move on someone and absolutely rise them, making you look like a complete G and your opponent look like a complete mug. The thing is, you’ve got to make sure that you do these tricks on people that know how to take them, otherwise you could be in for a rude awakening like Neymar last night.

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Neymar was playing in a World Cup qualifier against Bolivia last night when he tried to nutmeg Bolivian defender Yasman Duk. Duk was having none of it though, blocking the attempt and clearly elbowing Neymar in the face while he was at it too, leaving him crumpled up on the floor in a bloody mess. Have it:

Ouch. To be fair to Duk I’m not really sure if he actually meant to do that as he looks like he’s just putting his hands up in the air, but it’s a nasty foul. The ref didn’t even give anything for it though, and Neymar had to be subbed off for Willian he was so fucked.

Brazil ended up winning the game 5-0 though so they had the last laugh, and Neymar had already scored before he was subbed off and is now the fourth highest scoring Brazilian of all time, behind only Pele, Ronaldo and Romario after surpassing Zico with 59 goals. Not a bad for a 24 year old eh?

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