Netflix Is Premiering A New Western Series Named ‘Godless’ Next Month


Jack O’Connell and Jeff Daniels duking it out in the Wild Wild West.

It’s been a while since there was a good western TV series on our screens (I’m talking about Deadwood, because Hell On Wheels really wasn’t that good) but Netflix are hoping to arrest that trend with the premiere of ‘Godless’ next month.

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Starring Jack O’Connell, Michelle Dockery and Jeff Daniels, the limited series follows the story of Frank Griffin and his murderous gang and their quest for vengeance on Roy Goode, the man who betrayed them and found refuge in a town run by women named La Belle:

Looks suitably action packed and badass doesn’t it? And to be honest I can watch anything with either Jack O’Connell or Jeff Daniels in and usually enjoy it so I’m fairly confident that this is going to be another awesome show to add to Netflix’s ever expanding roster. Stoked for November 22nd.

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