Manizha Faraday

VIDEO: Russian Model Manizha Faraday Is Drifted Around A Race Track (NSFW)

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Manizha Faraday

Manizha Faraday is a Russian model who likes getting her baps out, and we here at Sick Chirpse know you guys (and maybe some girls) like it when hussies get their baps out. We know this because every Friday we post a photo of a half naked chick on our Facebook page to celebrate that Friday has arrived and you guys (and some girls) go ape shit over it, apart from last week when we posted a photo of ‘The Boss’ Bruce Springsteen and we lost a few fans and followers.

Manizha Faraday’s latest shoot sees her in the passenger seat of a Toyota Supra while the driver rips the fvck out of it around a race track. The back end is everywhere, in both senses. Now the thing that makes this video different from any other Tokyo Drift style vid is that Manizha Faraday is wearing a top that unbuttons pretty damn easily, and who’d have guessed it, she’s not wearing a bra. You can also see that the driver is wearing a crash helmet and has covered his hands/arms/body in case he loses control, flips the thing and ends up in a ball of fire, which Manizha doesn’t seem too concerned about. Also take note the position of Manizha Faraday’s seat belt harness so her assets are in full view, safety first now girls.

Overall this video’s a great way to start Thursday, and the sun’s shining too, pumped.

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