Landlord Left Horrified After Breaking Into Tenant’s Bedroom (PHOTOS)

Bottles of piss

Despite the fact that the bedroom had a sink in it.

An Australian house owner who chucked out his tenant for not paying rent was left absolutely disgusted after he found the empty room filled with over 200 bottles of pee and cola cans stuffed with condoms. It’s pretty impressive the tenant managed to get laid in such disgusting surroundings — although maybe they were just posh wanks.

The landlord, Rohan James, had been renting the room out to the guy since 2013, but had to get rid when he repeatedly made late rent payments. Although he left without a fight, the lodger kept forgetting to show up on days when he was supposed to remove all of his shit. This guy sounds like a textbook stoner.

When he failed to show up, Rohan said:

I got sick of it and it was very stressful, so I got the locks changed and then went in the room.

When he entered he was shocked to find hundreds of bottles filled to the brim with piss in addition to takeaway boxes, clothes and just general crap. But get this — the bedroom had a sink and was next to a bathroom. As said, textbook stoner. Couldn’t even make the one metre walk across the room to relieve himself.

Messy room

Rohan added:

I was speechless and just couldn’t fathom it. I just stood there for a few minutes once I realised what it was and I was furious.

I could only make out two or three bottles at first, but when I looked closer they were just everywhere.

I originally guessed there were about 100 bottles, but it turned out to be over 200.

He also stumbled across a penis pump and coke cans filled with used condoms. This guy sounds like an absolute dirtbag. Luckily Rohan can now see the funny side of it:

I lost my sense of humour for a couple of days while I was cleaning the room, but I laugh when I tell the story now and see people’s horrified reactions.

What a sport. Still, at least the wreckage was confined to one room and not the whole house like what this landlord had to deal with.


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