Someone Has Made A Dance Remix Of Jeff Goldblum’s Weird Laugh In Jurassic Park

Jeff Goldblum

The most surprising thing about this is that it’s taken so long for it to happen.

Jurassic Park is a great movie but it doesn’t really have a lot of characters – it’s all about those dinosaurs messing everything up – but the one standout memorable character is probably Jeff Goldblum’s Dr Ian Malcolm and one of the most notorious things about him is his completely weird laugh that kind of goes ‘Hahahrawrrahaha.’

Of course, somebody (Soundcloud user FlipShot) decided to make a dance remix of his stupid laugh and it’s actually pretty much perfect. It starts off just with Ian Malcolm talking and laughing, but it soon descends into a weird blend of the laugh and a breakbeat. It sounds like it doesn’t work at all, but it does completely.

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