Hacktivist Group ‘Anonymous’ March On London, Torch Police Car And Target Buckingham Palace

Anonymous Masked March

Shocking scenes this evening.

Thousands of people are marching on London this Bonfire night following a movement promoted by the hacktivist group, ‘Anonymous’. Predominantly an anti-capitalist movement calling for a ‘revolution’, it has quickly turned violent, with several people injured and just as many arrests already taking place.

Man Arrested

The protesters are sporting the Guy Fawkes masks ubiquitous with the group who have told those participating:

The police are not your friends.

Anonymous Protest

The protest itself, dubbed as the ‘Million Mask March’, takes place in cities across the globe every Bonfire Night and has done since its inception in 2012 – London has previously been one of the most violent. Described as ‘the world’s largest protest’ by its own website, it is organised by Anonymous who are famed for their association with many high profile cyber-attacks on governments, multi-national corporations, child porn sites and pretty much anyone who does anything they don’t agree with. This year there have also been suggestions that they are partly protesting legislation that lets the government see your internet history.

The event has been endorsed on social media; largely by groups claiming association with Anonymous:

Participants, the police and people witnessing the protest have been sharing photos and their interpretations of the events on Twitter, check out some of the most shocking below:


One man claimed to have been beaten by a police officer with a baton, he stated:

I was at the front, I was chatting with the officers asking them whattheir agenda was and why they were trying to stop us walking down thestreet when it’s supposed to be public land. I got pushed in the back by people trying to move forward. I get pushed in the back and put my arm up because I know the baton is coming. I couldn’t move – it took all my force to shoulder-barge my way out of there.

Police had stated that a curfew would be in place at 9pm and that all protesters must disperse by then, however things have so far continued.

Stay safe if you’re heading out to watch the fireworks in the capital this evening.


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