Game Of Thrones Is Getting A Ton Of Grief For That Scene From Last Sunday’s Episode

Did Game of Thrones take it too far last Sunday?

Obviously, spoilers abound so if you haven’t seen the latest episode quit reading now.

If you have seen the latest episode, then you saw how Ramsay Bolton raped Sansa Stark following their marriage, while forcing Theon Greyjoy to watch. Standard Game of Thrones shenanigans you might think, except people are freaking out about this one with random pussy’ole sites saying they’re going to boycott Game of Thrones and people generally getting all high and mighty on Twitter:






Erm… have these people forgotten what show they’re watching? This is Game of fucking Thrones. We’ve had rape, brutal murder, incest, King Joffrey making prostitutes torture each other, and THIS is where people say they’ve had enough? I thought Game of Thrones fans were made of stronger stuff. The scene was actually visually tame compared to other stuff we’ve seen. The look on Sansa and Theon’s faces said it all about the horror of the situation but what was actually happening on camera was nowhere near as graphic as the rape scenes Thrones has shown previously.

I guess people don’t realise that the real person they’re pissed off at is Ramsay Bolton, not Game of Thrones. That guy needs to suffer the slowest, most painful and fucked up death in Game of Thrones history and we cannot wait till it happens.

So yeah, these morons can boycott all the episodes they want, we’re not missing a second of Margaery Tyrell in action.


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