18 Actors You Didn’t Know Have Been In Studio Ghibli Films

There’s quite a few big names who have lent their voices to the english versions of great Studio Ghibli classics. View the list here.

15. Sir Patrick Stewart


Lord Yupa is a badass with a crazy moustache from the Miyazaki classic, ‘Nausicaä’ (which also features Shia Labeouf as we now know). I’m not even sure if we need to even cover PatStew’s vast and deserved claims to fame, so I’m not even going to bother.

16. Uma Thurman

uma thurman

And while we’re back in the Valley of the Wind, we might as well dump a bit of Thurman in here as she also lends her voice to a character in the movie. Her character is Kushana, a very powerful leader and strong woman.

Below is a video from behind the scenes of the dubbing of Nausicaa, featuring Uma, Patrick and Shia and the rest of the cast. Which is super interesting so have a gander:



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