Dude Uses Face Time Trick To Catch His Girlfriend Cheating (VIDEO)

Man face time

This is genius.

It’s got to suck going out with someone in the army. For months on end they’re away on training or missions, and for that time you’ve got to abstain from any sexual activity without driving yourself crazy.

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Of course, a lot of the time people end up having a bit on the side while their partner is away. This is all well and good if everyone is in the know, but if the cheating is on the sly then someone is bound to get hurt.

The guy in this video had been with the marines for around a month when he discovered that his girlfriend had been cheating. Instead of confronting her straight away, he decided to trick her into Face Timing who she thought was another guy:

That guy might be laughing and joking, but I bet he’s dying inside. He’s away from home, away from his friends and family and he’s just found out that his girlfriend is trying to get dick from other guys behind his back. At least he managed to humiliate her by posting this video online. A minor victory, but a victory nonetheless.

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