Domino’s Delivery Driver Fired After Sending These Creepy Messages To Student Who Ordered Pizza

Pizza is good, but is it worth getting terrorised by weird delivery drivers over?

One of the perks of being a Domino’s delivery boy, aside from the odd occasion a customer lets you hit his blunt, is that you might sometimes deliver pizza to a girl you find attractive. And then… that’s it. You give her the pizza and then possibly fantasise about a scenario where she invited you in as you head back to work to deliver more pizzas.

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One driver over in Exeter couldn’t contain himself however after he’d delivered a takeaway to 22-year-old Imogen Groome.

20 minutes after receiving her order, she got these messages on her phone:



Even before he began messaging her, Imogen thought there was something off about the guy:

I’d just come back from a work social and was really hungry.

I thought, ‘I’m going to get a pizza, it was almost midnight.

I got a phone call and it was this guy giggling down the phone. He said ‘Hi it’s Domino’s’. And then started laughing.

I asked if he was outside but I went to the door and he wasn’t there so I stood outside the door for ten minutes.

Then I saw that he was falling across the road like he was completely out of it with my pizza.

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The messages then began and continued into the morning when Imogen decided to report him, with Domino’s announcing that they’d immediately dismissed him.

I found it a bit odd and funny at the time.

But actually It’s really sinister and freaky and I am really disturbed by what happened.

It has made me not want to use Dominos delivery any more.

Well now that’s a bit extreme. You can’t just form your entire opinion of Domino’s pizza based on one creepy delivery driver. You’d be doing yourself a massive disservice and depriving yourself of some seriously delicious pizza.

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