Dad Takes 16 Year Old Daughter To A Strip Club, Gets Her Coked Up And Allows Her To Pole Dance

Introducing the most backwards parenting of all time.

A Florida father named Jose Manuel Arguelles is in deep shit after taking his 16 year old daughter and her 17 year old friend to a strip club, allowing them to smoke weed and do coke, before letting them pole dance on stage.

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Police have since shut down the Pink Pony club, and the owners have a week to make their case to a court to get the club up and running again.

59 year old Arguelles was arrested and charged with child neglect, allowing a child under 18 to do coke and smoke weed, and eight counts of sexual performance by a child to promote sex.

Apparently the 17 year old friend’s mum saw footage of the night on her daughter’s phone, and the daughter then admitted they’d partied there with her friend’s dad several times.

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So clearly this guy is doing parenthood all wrong. In fact quite sure he’s doing the exact opposite of what you’re supposed to be doing and that’s to encourage your daughter to stay away from a stripper pole as opposed to jump on it at 16. I mean yeah she might be able to make a lot of money doing it someday but come on Jose Arguelles, maybe give her at least half a chance to try something else first?

Such an insane story, but at this point probably an everyday occurrence in Florida.


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