Cadbury Chocolate Oreo Cookies Is The Culinary Love Affair You’ve All Been Waiting For

Cadbury Oreo

At last.

There are hundreds of food couples that are a perfect match – fish and chips, sausage and mash, apple crumble and custard.

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It’s been a while since we’ve seen a new coupling that works so well together, but that’s all changed with the announcement that Oreos are teaming up with the one and only Cadbury’s chocolate to make all of our sweet dreams come true.

Cadbury oreo

That’s right – just to up the ante on the dunkable cookie game, the two companies have come together to give us Cadbury chocolate coated Oreos. How has this not happened sooner? We’ve seen all different types of Oreos come out over the years, from double stacked to PB&J to mint chocolate, but none that make as much sense as the classic cookies smothered in delicious Cadbury’s milk chocolate.

So. Good.

Oh yeah, sorry to bring this whole thing down, but the only bad news about this is that they’re only available in Australia. However, and this is a big however, you can obviously replicate this delicious snack until it inevitably becomes available in the UK, which will only be in a matter of time. So if you’re staying in tonight to smoke a fat one, why not get yourself down to your local shop, get a bag of Oreos and a massive bar of Dairy Milk and make yourself a batch of these badboys. You know you want to.

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