Beer Companies Are Being Forced To Display Nutritional Information On Cans And Bottles


I’d rather not know.

The Beer Institute over in the US has announced a new initiative which will see beer bottles and cans featuring nutritional labels.

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The ‘Brewers’ Voluntary Disclosure Initiative’ has been started in order to make customers more aware of the nutritional value of the beer they are drinking, including the caloric content. (Check THIS out for the real deal on how many calories are in beer and other delicious alcoholic beverages.)

The labels will also disclose ingredients on either the bottle or secondary packaging as well as carbohydrate content, protein, fat and alcohol by volume and will include a serving facts statement in-line with the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Trade Bureau.

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Already six beer companies have agreed to follow the new standards, which will affect around 80% of all the beer sold in the US. While this is currently being trailed in America, there is no doubt that the UK will soon follow.

Thing is, while it probably is a good idea to be as transparent as possible with regards to the food and drink we are consuming, I think it’s quite obvious that beer isn’t good for us. We’re not really drinking that stuff in order to stay healthy and no matter how much you know what chemicals and calories are in your bottle of Brewdog Punk IPA, it doesn’t take away from the fact that beer is only for occasions. I think most of us would rather keep our heads buried in the sand – the less we know, the better.

Anyway, none of this really matters because we all know that alcohol sucks balls. Don’t believe me? Read this.


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