Artist Who Painted Mural Of Kanye West Kissing Himself Says He’ll Remove It On One Condition

Is he taking the piss?

The artist who painted that massive mural of Kanye West kissing himself says he’ll remove the artwork, but only if Kanye West buys a print of the image for $100,000 and gives him a lifetime supply of Air Yeezy trainers.

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Australian artist Scott Marsh revealed the image of Kanye lipsing himself on a building in Chippendale, Sydney earlier in March, and got tons of attention off it.

He says it reflects “the love Kanye West has for himself”.

After it was painted, someone who said they were from Kanye’s management offered Scott a “pretty decent chunk of money” to paint over it, but it looks like he’s got bigger ideas.


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So what does Kanye do in this situation? Surely he can’t let some random Australian dude push him around like this. Can’t he just send one of his goons to paint over it or something? How about drop an exclusive freestyle where he says whoever paints over it gets free concert tickets or something? I bet there’s even hardcore Kanye fans who would do it for free.

Bottom line is if Kanye actually gives in to this guy’s demands and gives him $100,000 plus a lifetime supply of shoes then any respect I’ve got for Kanye goes down the toilet. That’s an insane demand, but it might just be so insane that Kanye thinks it’s totally fair. Let’s see what happens.

To check out the 3D mural in nearby Melbourne which is blowing people’s minds, click HERE.


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