10 Valuable Lessons Mario Kart Teaches Us All About Life

Mario Kart

Sometimes life throws a banana ski at you.

Anyone who grew up playing Mario Kart knows that it’s so much more than just a racing game.

Sure, there are added features like secret shortcuts, speed boosts and Koopa Shells designed to take out rival races but that’s only really scratching the surface.

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Because actually, when you really think about it, Mario Kart is actually a microcosm of life and the human condition. More importantly, it’s only through playing the game relentlessly that you begin to realise Mario Kart teaches you some very valuable lessons about life – here are 10 of them.

Mario Kart

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10. People Come In All Shapes And Sizes

Life is all about embracing our difference. Whether you’re a Yoshi or Donkey Kong himself, it’s important to remember everyone has their strengths and to embrace them wherever possible. No, not like that.

9. Don’t Try Too Much Too Soon

Everyone likes a go-getter, but there is such a thing as trying to walk before you can run. Like in Mario Kart, where you try to accelerate away from everybody that split second quicker at the start of a race. Sometimes it works, but other times you end up stalling. Go steady.

8. Life Goes Around In Circles

When It boils down to it a lot of life is largely repetition with a few minor variations thrown in for good measure. You get up, you go to work, you come home and sleep. It’s essentially the same with Mario Kart. The key thing is to keep things interesting wherever possible using weapons, different characters and different game modes. That definitely rings true in life too.

7. All’s Fair In Love And War

You love your mates. You’d do almost anything for them and have their back. But there are certain situations – Mario Kart included – where you need to put yourself first. Like when it comes to fighting over a guy or girl. There’s no prize for second place.

Mario Kart

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6. It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over

So, you’ve gone and royally fucked something up in your life. But just because you are down doesn’t mean you are out. It’s like Mario Kart – just because you are 8th going into the final lap doesn’t mean there isn’t some power up or bit of help just around the corner. Keep going.

5. Money Doesn’t Equal Happiness

Some people that play Mario Kart are obsessed with the God damn gold coins you find littered across the track – often at the detriment of their racing efforts. Obsessing over money – whether real or Mario-based – is a big mistake.

4. Don’t Worry What Other People Are Doing

The biggest mistake you can make in a multiplayer Mario Kart session? Looking at someone else’s corner of the screen. No good comes of it. You either crash or slow down or lose focus. It’s the same in life. What other people do should matter diddly squat to you. Do you think Mario gives a fuck about Donkey Kong’s latest game?

3. When Things Go Wrong, It’s Easy To Blame Others

Life can be shit sometimes. Really shit. People will dump their crap on you to get ahead and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it. It’s the same with Mario Kart – people will try to screw with your flow by firing shells, lighting bolts and all kinds of crap. It blows, but it’s going to happen.

Mario Kart

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2. Things Go Wrong A Lot

There isn’t a day that goes by in which something, somewhere, goes wrong. In Mario Kart, you wouldn’t expect to have a incident-free race either with you leading from the start and cruising throughout. That’s life and you need to be prepared for the inevitable.

1. People Will Bring You Down

Success breeds jealousy in the world of work and the world of Mario Kart. There are those that will stop at nothing to bring you down. The challenge is to keep going, rise above it and aim for the top. What rings true in Mario Kart, rings true in life, the universe and everything. 


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