This Man Is Currently Running A Competition To Find The World’s Greatest Vagina

Brian Sloan

Is this guy an asshole or what?

A ‘sex entrepreneur’ by the name of Brian Sloan is currently setting up a competition in Berlin to try and find the world’s greatest vagina. Yes, this is something that is actually happening and you can watch a documentary about his efforts in doing this below.

Brian came up with the idea because he also manufactures sex toys and he wanted to create the perfect vagina for men who can’t get any action to mess around in and he thought what better way to do it then by running an online competition and finding the actual best looking vagina in the world. What a businessman.

This contest somehow encouraged a whole bunch of women to upload pictures of themselves to the internet and allow themselves to be given a rating out of ten by anyone who wanted to judge them. It kind of sounds like an extreme version of Tinder with no real discernible reward for anyone who won, except for a cool $5000 of course. I really think you’ve got to have a lot of confidence to upload a picture of your vagina and allow people to judge it though, so fair play to these women I guess if they wanted to do it.

The documentary kinda SFW aide from the subject matter so don’t worry about that if you’re desperate to watch it wherever you are, although you might get some funny looks from your co-workers for watching such a weird show on your lunchbreak. We’re not actually going to be publishing any of the entrants but if you Google it, it’s not hard to find them and yeah I’ll admit it, there are some very nice looking vaginas in there.

The only stipulation was that there was no pubic hair on the vagaina and even though that sounds incredibly misogynistic, there was actually a good reason for it as he couldn’t 3D print a vagina with pubes on. Brian Sloan has an answer for everything basically.

But honestly, the whole idea of a world’s greatest vagina competition is a little icky and sleazy isn’t it? The whole concept of the documentary is based around whether or not Sloan is an asshole so it’s a question a lot of people are asking after this ‘competition’ became an actual real event.

You be the judge.

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Regardless of your opinion of Brian though, you can’t deny it was an excellent marketing ploy as the traffic to Brian’s website pretty much crashed his server about 100 times a day because there were a lot of thirsty guys out there wanting to look at ‘perfect’ vaginas. Who can blame them and who can really blame Brian really? Sure, everyone thinks he’s weird and/or an asshole, but he’s probably rolling in cash right around now, and that’s probably the bottom line for him. Money talks.

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