Will UK Online Sports Bettors Come Back With A Vengeance?

You know it.

It has been almost two months since UK online sports bettors have been able to do that which they enjoy, bet on sports. The blame goes to the shutdown of professional and college sports throughout the world at the hands of the COVID19 pandemic.

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During the pandemic, UK gambling enthusiasts have been restricted to online casino gambling. Never ones to disappoint, millions of UK residents have in fact started gambling online since the pandemic took hold. Much of this new gambling interest has come as UK residents have been shuttered in their homes to avoid the spread of the virus. With few other choices, online casino gambling has been given a boost due to being one of the only adult entertainment options available.

Consistently, the UK’s top online casino operators have been reporting a tremendous increase in new participants, which has resulted in an equal increase in online casino gambling revenue. Any reasonable person would have to conclude this bodes well for an online gambling industry that was already growing at a rate of over 10% year over year for the last decade.

With the world on the cusp of reopening its doors to economic activity, the world’s top sports leagues will be looking to get back to work. The Premiere and Champion soccer leagues have already announced plans to resume regular season activities by June 1, 2020. In the US, the NBA is looking at options to complete the current season while MLB is in negotiations with players to put forth some version of the 2020 season to start by July 1.

Meanwhile, online sports bettors are standing by with accounts full of money and a pent up desire to get back into action. It will be interesting to see how explosive sports betting activities will be once bettors have something on which to wager. While online casinos might be offering a very popular new live gambling game that game won’t likely generate the kind of interest that the reopening of sports betting will bring to the nation’s gambling enthusiasts.

For online bookmakers, the anticipation must be excruciating. With millions of new gamblers now interested in online gambling, thanks to the shutdown, it is a good bet that a strong number of new online casino gamblers will be crossing over to bet on sports.

Unfortunately, there is nothing to compare to try to get an idea of what online bookmakers should expect. The betting windows will open, and bettors will start making their bets. All bookmakers can do is sit back and watch the money flow.

There is an underlying issue worth noting. While the excitement of getting back into action might be overwhelming for the most avid UK sports bettors, economic damage will be a lasting effect of the COVID19 shutdown. There is a good chance many sports bettors will have to dial things back a bit until they get enough time to recover from any financial setbacks.

With that said, UK sports bettors tend to be very loyal to their gambling activities. It will take months and years for some industries to recover from the pandemic.  Here’s to thinking the UK’s online sports bettors will come back with a vengeance.


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