Why You Should Always Bank On The Bonus In Monopoly Live

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Aspiring property tycoons and casino lovers are absolutely gagging for Monopoly Live. To quickly summarise: it’s the live dealer game that fuses the much loved board game with Vegas style big wheel action. It results in a live spectacle which needs to be seen to be believed. Especially when we’re talking about the bonus. Yes, this is a live dealer game with an actual bonus round. And it’s well worth a spin to see it in action. Here’s how it works.

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Rolling With The Action

The bonus round activates when the wheel lands on the 2 Roll or 4 Roll segment. This will kick off a real time 3D bonus round – which plays out like a game of Monopoly. In this round, you will watch Uncle Pennybags visit the game’s most iconic locations. This includes Pall Mall, The Strand and of course, Mayfair.

As Pennybags makes his rounds, he will pick up multiplier prizes along the way. The number of spaces he moves on the board depends on the roll of two automatic dice. If the wheel lands on 2 Rolls, you get two opportunities to win. 4 Rolls is by far the most lucrative with double the opportunities.

Finally, rolling doubles will give you an extra chance to score a prize. And these are well worth checking out.

Multiplier Goodness In Monopoly

These multipliers can be pretty tasty – and can be worth thousands your total staked bet. Especially if you land on the Chance segment before activating the bonus round. Just like in the original game, the Chance segment can be a real game changer. You can win an instant prize or double the value of multipliers on the next spin.

Landing in the bonus round after hitting the Chance segment will result in boosted multipliers during the entire bonus.

Bank On The Bonus – Or Else…

Before signing up to Monopoly Live, you can grab yourself some free spins from the various websites which list offers & free spins. Currently you can get between 10 and 30 free spins but the offers always change, so be sure to read and T&C’s before signing up.

If you choose to have a spin on this live dealer game, then there’s one thing to keep in mind. You must have already placed a bet on the 2 Roll or 4 Roll segment. If you don’t bet and the bonus activates, you will literally just have to sit there and watch it play out. This can be a painful experience – especially if you see some mega multiplier winnings. You can choose to play these segments exclusively – which might not be a bad strategy at all.


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