What To Expect At A Gorgeous Beach Wedding Ceremony

A wedding is the most awaited occasion in everyone’s life. We all want it to be the most memorable day of our lives. Among all the arrangements that we do, the venue for the wedding is one of the most important decisions to make (after the wedding dress, of course!). A venue is pivotal in deciding the theme of your wedding. Gone are the days when weddings would be a huge ceremony with a lot of people. With a line of ceremonies, normal weddings can sometimes get boring. But things are changing now. More and more couples want a wedding with just their family and friends. They want it to be a day where they can celebrate and have fun with the people they care about.


Why more and more couples prefer a beach wedding?

Beach weddings are perfect for a couple who want their wedding to be more relaxed and easy-going. They can have a romantic wedding by the beautiful beach sunset and also enjoy the waters and sand. Even the guests are less formal and enjoy the delicious seafood and salty air. Beach weddings are likely to be more cheerful than normal weddings.

Apart from the venue, the wedding dress also catches a lot of attention. Therefore, figure out these main elements, and you are good to go!

What makes beach weddings so special?

Here are a few reasons as to why beach weddings steal people’s hearts:

  • A vacation-like feel

Most couples now prefer smaller weddings with only their loved ones around. A beach is a perfect setting for a mesmerizing wedding and a great spot to enjoy with your friends and family. A beach wedding serves as a perfect destination wedding where your family members can have a good vacation along with attending your wedding. If your friends are up for a few adventures, a beach has so much to offer.

  • A perfect honeymoon spot too

The couple can turn their wedding destination to a honeymoon spot later. Everyone mostly gets numbered leaves from work and do not want to waste it in just traveling. You can turn your wedding destination to a honeymoon spot later. Beaches are the most popular for honeymoons. Well, you don’t need to go through the trouble of traveling or booking resorts again if you’re already at the beach.

  • The tranquil and mesmerizing aura

No amount of expensive flowers, fancy decorations can compete with the aura of a beach. Beaches are naturally beautiful and serve as the best ambiance for a wedding. The waves, the wind, and the captivating sunsets provide the perfect atmosphere for a romantic wedding. A beach photoshoot during your wedding will be memorable.

  • A complete package

A destination beach wedding is a lot cheaper than you would expect. Most resorts offer stay, decoration, food, and other facilities in one single package. This not only makes everything more manageable, but it is also cheaper than hiring different people. As the resort takes care of every arrangement at your wedding, you get more time to enjoy your big day.

How to make a beach wedding successful?

Here are a few ways to make your beach wedding a comfortable and successful affair, the one that you will remember forever!

  • A flowy, lightweight gown

Just like the easy-going vibe of a seaside wedding, your wedding dress should be of lightweight fabric. Chiffon or silk is easy to slide and very comfortable to carry. Delicate embroideries and intricate lacework will give your wedding gown a more elegant feel. A flowy gown would be perfect for a windy beach.

  • Go pastel and aqua with the beach!

Dresses in white or pastel shades will go well with the calming blue of the sea. Avoid going for voluminous gowns as they would be difficult to carry while walking in the sand. Natural flowers on your hair and light dewy makeup will give you a look that is fresh and breathable.

The bridesmaids can wear midi dresses in soft fabrics like cotton or chiffon fabrics. A little bow or flower detailing on a light-toned outfit can be perfect for the beach. The fitting of the dresses should be more relaxed and not very body-hugging.

  • A simple yet elegant décor

The decorations of a beach wedding can be done with very basic things. It is advisable to use exotic flowers found near that beach. They are beautiful, and you get them for a lower price at the beach. The aisle can be decorated with white or pink flowers tied together with beach grasses. Garlands can be hung around the wedding area to make it look fresher. Do not use too many things at once and let the beach be the best decoration for your wedding.

The dining table and chairs should be covered with a satin fabric, and small bouquets can be kept on the table for the guests. Have umbrellas above the tables to protect the guests and yourself from the sun. You can also hang lanterns from trees or keep them in the sand. The soothing light from the lanterns will help once it starts getting dark. To give an even more relaxed feel, you can have mats and pillows laid down where the guests can rest after dancing.

  • Little elements of fun and adventure

If you want your wedding to be more enjoyable, you can keep surfboards on the side for your guests. The wedding would turn out to be a picnic for your friends and make it so much more memorable. Once the wedding is over, even the bride and groom can let loose and go surfing. Your beach wedding will be a great chance for you to have fun. Do everything you enjoy, and that makes you happy.

Want your perfect beach wedding?

A beach wedding is your chance of a romantic wedding with the beautiful waves and the magnificent sun being witness to your lifelong bond. JJ’s House is here to take care of your wedding dress and make you look the best version of yourself on your special day. We have high-quality wedding dresses in various styles, sizes, and fabrics. We also have abundant options for your bridesmaids and family members. We are here to provide you a dress that you will cherish for life at the lowest price. So if you are going to get married or are going to be a bridesmaid soon, JJ’s House is your one-stop destination.

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