What Is The Best Way To Take CBD For Beginners?

If you’re ready to try CBD for yourself, you’ve probably been well-versed in the benefits of taking it including relief from anxiety, pain, inflammation, skin conditions, sleep problems, and more. The next step is purchasing a CBD product and using it to treat whatever ailment currently plagues you. But what’s the right method to start with? Should you buy CBD vape oil? Tinctures? Gummies? Creams? Coffee? The list of CBD products goes on and on, and it can be confusing to know where to start. Use this handy guide to help you learn how CBD works and the best ways to take it for beginners.



CBD is a substance taken from the hemp plant that’s full of cannabinoids. Your body is also full of cannabinoids because it produces them naturally. These cannabinoids transmit messages to endocannabinoids regarding immune and hormonal responses in the brain. Things like anxiety, pain, inflammation, and hormonal breakouts can be affected by your endocannabinoid system. When something is off, you can experience a flareup of symptoms that are hard to beat. Using cannabinoids to combat these issues may be the best way to fight negative responses. CBD, like many medications, works best when it enters your blood stream. This allows it to travel faster to the brain in order to mask some of the symptoms you may be feeling. If it goes through your digestive system, it loses some of its potency when stomach acid and digestive processes breaks down enzymes. Now that you understand a little about how CBD works, let’s look at some of the best ways to take it, especially for first timers.


As a beginner, the most comfortable way to take CBD will be oral consumption. The most common forms of oral CBD include capsules or soft gels and edibles like gummies. There are many ways that CBD can be infused into drinks and foods, so you can take CBD that way as well. The advantages of taking CBD orally is that it tastes better. Capsules can be swallowed without touching your taste buds and edibles can be sweetened and flavored to cover up the earthy taste of CBD. It’s also highly convenient and inconspicuous. The disadvantage is that it must travel through your digestive system before it can enter your blood stream. This means that it loses some of its potency and it takes longer for it to work. You can still feel the effects with the right dosage, however.


The most potent and recommended method of taking CBD is sublingually. This means that you’ll hold the CBD oil in your mouth so that it can absorb into the mucous membranes in the soft tissue of your mouth and enter the bloodstream quickly. The most common sublingual form of CBD is CBD oil with a dropper. You’ll hold the recommended dose of CBD under your tongue for about 90 seconds and then swallow it so you get absorption through the mucous membranes and in the stomach. There are also sprays that perform a similar function. The biggest disadvantage is that CBD oil does not taste very good, even though some companies try to add flavoring to mask that taste. It is also highly conspicuous to take CBD this way, which can be uncomfortable if you need it while at work or at a social event. The advantage is that it works quickly and has the longest lasting effect of any other form of CBD.


Many CBD users like to get adventurous and use CBD in the kitchen. They experiment by mixing the right dosage with their coffee, fudge, protein shake, etc. This can be a tricky way to enjoy CBD because it’s hard to mix oil into other substances without messing it up. However, it can be fun, and you might find a recipe that you really love! The disadvantage is that it can have a strange taste and texture when you consume it mixed with food or drink. It could also lose some of its efficacy when mixed with other ingredients. If you bake or cook it, it might also change the enzymes and nutritional value of the CBD.


There are creams, lotions, oils, cleansers, bath bombs, lip balms, and ointments that are designed only for topical application. You’ll want to target a specific ailment when applying topical CBD. For example, if you experience foot pain from standing at work all day, you could apply a high-potency CBD cream to tackle the pain. Topical creams can also be used for treating acne, promoting relaxation in the bath, treating wounds, reducing itchiness, and other uses. Think of it as a nonsteroidal cream that might help skin conditions as well as ease joint and muscle pain. The topical application is easy to use, but it must be applied to the right area in the right dosage to feel the full effects.


Otherwise, it can be an uncomfortable experience, and the effects are not as strong as other methods. CBD comes in many different types of vape juices flavored for your enjoyment. You can also purchase vape pens that are specifically made to vaporize CBD juice, but they’re not any better than a traditional quality vape pen. You can buy CBD vape oil and put it into any vaporizer to enjoy the effects of inhalation. As you experiment with different forms of CBD, consider the correct dosage. It’s recommended that you start out with a small dose such as 10 ml and work your way up until you feel the full effects without full side effects. A doctor who’s familiar with CBD might also be able to help you choose the best dosage. Always purchase your CBD from a reputable company as well. Read third-party lab reports that tell you the CBD they use is at the correct dosage and potency so that you’re getting your money’s worth. With these tips in mind, you might easily find the perfect CBD solution for you.


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