Man Gives Birth In The Most Sickening NSFW Video On The Internet

Man birth

Now men can understand what women have to go through.

The internet is undoubtedly one of the most bizarre and weird places in the history of the world, and there’s no telling some of the shit you can come across if you look hard enough. This might be one of our weirdest finds yet.

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I’ve got absolutely no details about this video or who made it or what the hell it’s all about or why they did it, but it basically features a man giving birth through his dick. It’s very creepy and gross and definitely NSFW so don’t watch it if you’re in polite company:


Wow. That was pretty intense eh? My only guess as to why it’s been made I suppose could be that it’s trying to illustrate just how painful a process giving birth is for a woman, which it does pretty effectively. Aside from that it could just be some weirdo’s idea of a good time. I really don’t have any words for it.

For more giving birth, check out this woman who got arrested after giving birth to a corpse’s baby. Grim.


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