Ursula and Sabina Eriksson – Madness In The Fast Lane

Ursula Erikkson - Collage

Have you ever seen Swedish twins run voluntarily into motorway traffic? You will in a minute…. confusing and frightening tales…..

So Ursula went to hospital for a few weeks and has since disappeared from public view, some say she now lives in America. Sabina on the other hand continued where she left off. She hadn’t finished being mental just yet.
She was released from the police station after a night in the cells and was acting pretty normally as the next video shows. She was wandering around Stoke-on-Trent trying to get to the hospital to see her sister when she befriended a couple of blokes, one of which was Glenn Hollinshead–a self-employed welder, qualified paramedic, and former RAF worker. She was acting a bit odd and the kindly gents took her in for the night. She was behaving pretty strangely but they didn’t think too much of it at the time, they thought she was on the run from an abusive partner as she was regularly checking the windows nervously.

Ursula Erikkson - Accident Quote

The next morning Glenn borrowed some tea bags from his neighbour, went back inside and then a minute later exited the house again having been stabbed five times with a kitchen knife. Sabina legged it. Glenn died.
As she ran she was holding a hammer and intermittently hitting herself in the head with it. A passer by noted that that was slightly odd behaviour and tried to stop her, he got whacked round the head with a roof tile that she happened to have in her pocket?! During the ensuing chase she jumped off a 40 ft bridge, broke her legs and was captured and taken to hospital.

Glenn Hollinshead

Below is an excerpt from a 50 minute BBC documentary about the incidents with footage of her acting completely normally. You just can’t imagine what switched inside her head and turned her in to the witch from hell.

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Here’s a link to the full doco. If you’re sucked in to this vortex of oddity.

So why did they do it? Official answer – temporary madness. Yeah. I’m not sure about that, sounds like a bit of a cop out. Sabina went to prison but only for a few years due to her “diminished responsibility” – i.e. bonkers. It’s unclear as to whether she’s actually been released already, the prison she resided in has basically eluded to her release but won’t confirm. So where is she now? No one knows. As with any weird story it doesn’t take long before there’s conspiracy talk creeping from the shadows. Theories include everything from Police cover ups to Russian experimenters giving people metal bones and removing their pain sensation via deep brain surgery – “Super Strength Soldier Clones”.

Ursula Erikkson - Bionic Soldier

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It is quite mysterious how she got hit by a car and wasn’t even bleeding, and was still able to knock down an officer and struggle so darned hard. It’s strange that both of the twins have since disappeared. It’s odd that none of the family members were ever seen or interviewed, there was only ever a written statement from their brother. But nothing more than that is known about their family. Apparently they had a poor upbringing (in the same town as Sven-Goran Eriksson – related?) I do love a good old fashioned mystery.

Others talk about some sort of mad MK Ultra style suicide hypnosis shit, and spy sleeper cells. I fvcking love it. Truth is, they were probably just a couple of crazies and their families were too embarrassed to show their faces. We’ll never know, some nutter is writing a book about it though and it’s set to be released next month. We’ll probably never know the full deets but that’s life. I still don’t know why the sky is blue.


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