Uni Student Brings Porn Star To Parents’ Weekend Formal Event

In a word – savage.

The word ‘savage’ gets thrown around a lot around here, but I think it pretty adequately sums up this kid at the University of Tennessee who asked porn star Cherry Morgan to be his date at a parents’ weekend formal at his uni.

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Amazingly, she accepted and it looks like they had a sick time:


I wasn’t familiar with Cherry’s work so I did some hard-hitting research and I’ve got to say it’s not bad. Not bad at all. Not sure if Patrick here got to make his own movie with her later that night but god I hope he did.

TotalFratMove got some of the juicy details:

student student2

Bit lame that his parents couldn’t make it down. Yeah his mum would have probably freaked out but you just know his dad would’ve rated him big time.

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