Tube Passenger Rips Into Instagram Model For Not Wearing A Mask On London Underground

Who’s the bigger dickhead in this video?

There’s a big debate raging on Twitter at the moment over who the biggest dickhead is – the 22-year-old Instagram model refusing to wear a mask on the London underground or the angry passenger on mask patrol who confronts her about it.

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IG girl Duana W filmed the passenger as he let rip on her on the platform at Tottenham Court Road:

Well I don’t really agree with how that man has gone about this – screaming at this girl like a lunatic, calling her the C-word, and lecturing her about putting people’s lives at risk when his fat ass is literally wearing a T-shirt that takes the piss out of salad.

On the other hand, you are required by law to wear a mask on public transport, and Duana W doesn’t really seem to be taking it as seriously as she should.

Here’s the reaction to the clip online:

Could be that the reason this chap is so wound up is because, being clinically obese (or so it appears on film), he’s someone who may be more at-risk. In which case he should probably have kept well away from her and also put his mask on properly because it seems to come off his mouth every time he starts talking.

Anyway, whether you think coronavirus is as big a threat as the government tells you or not, it’s probably best to wear a mask anyway to keep on the safe side. No one is trying to oppress or control you by asking you to wear a mask. It’s just that even our supposed experts aren’t 100% sure what the situation is and so until we’re completely in the clear, why not just cover your face and ensure this thing doesn’t infect any more people than it has to.

P.S. This would usually be the part where I share a bunch of pics from Duana W’s Instagram page, but unfortunately she has it on private. I did find a couple on Showbizmodels though:

Journalism, baby.

For more lunatics on mask patrol, get a load of this couple throwing hot coffee on someone for not wearing a mask, and then calling police on him after he beats them up.


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