The Top Things To Do When In Amsterdam

Smoke ’em up.

Those of us who have lived in Europe know that once in a lifetime, or more, you have to visit Amsterdam, the capital city of the Netherlands. When most of the US heads over to Vegas, and in summer to Mexico, we’ll enjoy soaking up the sun in what is known as ‘’The Dam’’. The city comes to life at night when the lights are switched off, sometimes turning into red. And if you walk through the streets of Amsterdam in the morning, all you will see if bars and hotels stocking up on last nights sales items. This is the magic of Amsterdam, the land of the free to roam, and the place where the world chills. But there is more to Amsterdam than just the picturesque setting, the lakes and the cheese, let’s keep you up to date with some others things to indulge in.

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Visit The Red-Light District

One of the biggest landmarks in Amsterdam and also safe to say across the Netherlands is of course visiting the Red-Light District. This is where one can indulge in smoking marijuana in a legal setting. It always advised that you smoke in a coffee shop for legal reasons, and you can also buy your weed from the same place. Annually the city even hosts a Marijuana Cup where farmers compete with one another to be crowned the Weed Guru of the year. Apart from the week, the covert world of legal sex work is available at the Red-Light District where sex workers all stand high and proud in their own stall to lure you in. Some play with their mobile devices, some call you over, some dance, this is the Red Light District.

Hit The Shops And Markets

Being a capital City, Amsterdam is home to some of the biggest fashion brands and names. As soon as you land at Central Station, there is a 5-minute enjoyable walk that takes you to Dam Square, with all roads connecting hosting the biggest brands and household names around. On some days, the city hosts various markets that include the sales of antiques and also flowers.  You will find that some outlets also offer tours to markets and shopping tours all across the City.

Discover The Joy Of Cats

If there is something that the Dutch like, it is cats. As you walk the streets of Amsterdam you will see many cats starring from windows. Some coffeeshops will ever have the occasional resident cat sat at the café’s var stool.  Once you join the cat fascination, you can also visit the Cat Museum called Kattenkabinet. This place hosts pictures, murals and even a shrine in honor of the museum’s owner’s pet.  If you love cats, this is a must do in Amsterdam!  And it is a place enjoyed by both felines and humans alike.

Boat Canal Trips

They say in Venice you can get the best canal trip of a lifetime; we beg to differ. The best canal rides are the ones you enjoy at the Amsterdam Canals, as you enjoy the August breeze on a Dutch summer night. Some of these offer you some light music with some of the best cheese delicacies that Holland has to offer. Others are like small part cruises, Take your pick. But you definitely need to experience the Amsterdam Canal Ride experience.

Visit A Dutch Land Based Casino

It is for sure one of the best gambling experiences that you will get playing at an online casino Netherlands brand, but let’s not forget about the land-based casino Dutch offerings. As you walk to Dam Square, you will see one land-based casino, with all flash lights and as you walk past this, you can hear all the sounds of slot machines inviting you in. It is always advisable that you always carry identification with you. Whilst the online casino Netherlands will accept you at the age of 18 and wearing anything you want, some land-based casinos require you to be 25, dressed in formal wear and at your best behavior

Having said this Amsterdam is the place to eat, gamble and enjoy the nightlife. If you cannot afford that trip to Vegas, you can visit the European counterpart: Amsterdam!


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