This Japanese Cat Is Completely Sick At Scaling Climbing Walls



When you look at a climbing wall, the first thing your brain does is process the easiest way for you to get up to the top of it by using the various holds and supports that they’ve installed upon it. Easier said than done, no?

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Now take a step back and imagine that you’re a cat and you have to perform that task – sounds pretty impossible right? Well, in most cases I’m sure it is, but with Lalah the cat from Boulbaka Bouldering Gym in Naha, Okinawa, Japan it’s a different story.

The gym staff explain her deal:

She must have been eager for climbing up to the top before she became proper size to reach to the next hold (colored rocks) while watching people climbing everyday.

In the last few weeks, her growth made it possible for it. So, she did it!

We never trained her. She just accomplished her desire with no help.

She must be happy and proud. We are also very happy and proud of her challenge and achievement!

What an absolute G. There was a bit in the middle where she was stalling on that one hold for a bit where I thought she might not make it, but I suppose that’s only the same for everyone going up a climbing wall as you weigh up your options and decide the next best option for you.

No reason to think that a cat would do it any differently to a human really, and to be fair we should really be taking our hats off to the cat that they managed to do it at all rather than obsessing over that small detail. Nice one.

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