These 18 Incredible Images Of Sinister And Foreboding Forests Will Make You Appreciate The Beauty Of Nature

Creepy, sinister, beautiful and peaceful. Forests rule.

Who doesn’t like a massive forest? No one, that’s who. As soon as you enter one you’re guaranteed to get some kind of emotion. On a bright sunny day you might feel calm and peaceful, on a dark and stormy night you might feel like packing your pants and having a bit of a cry. They’ve got a vibe all of their own.

Why do you think that angry guy decided to burn all of his ex’s stuff in a forest? Because he knew the forest wouldn’t judge him. They’re ancient and they have no interest in you or your culture. They just are and (with any luck) they’ll still be chilling out and photosynthesizing long after you’re gone.

Humans have had a love hate relationship with forests since forever. A bountiful wood can supply you with food, it can also hide you if your enemies rock up unannounced. But on the other hand they make an excellent place for your enemies to stalk you, and no one wants a surprise run-in with a bear or a boar on a Sunday morning. The forest can sustain you, but it can also bring you to your knees. Watch out.

Following is a bunch of beautifully taken photos of forests from across the earth.

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Tree Tunnel, Ireland

Tree Tunnel

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