The Ultimate Guide To Local SEO Strategies

If you own an office or shoppe than local SEO is something you should be using. Simply put, local SEO allows your business to attract and drive traffic to your business as well as raise brand awareness. Using a few key strategies which I will be laying out in this piece, you can attract your customer for easy conversions and repeat business. Let’s jump right in.


#1: Get Noticed

Despite the digital age, in-store purchases are still 90% of the market and almost all of that is spent withing 20-miles of where people live. Here are some other stats that matter:

  • 70% of smart devices use Google maps
  • Google My Business is one of the top ways people review your business
  • People will choose a business based on location first

This means that your business should be checking off all these boxes and more. To do that your process should begin with a NAP. No, sleepyhead, not that kind of nap! Name, address, and phone number should all be listed correctly on Google My Business. GMB is the #1 place to get noticed by customers searching for your business.

  1. Fill out required fields
  2. Google Posts are free advertising that pops up in the knowledge panel
  3. Use photos and emojis to get more attention and capitalize on search queries
  4. Action buttons integrate scheduling software so your clients can easily book a meeting or appointment
  5. Messaging – great way for your customers to text you and get questions answered

#2: Reviews

This deserves a piece all its own although it is also part of the total GMB package. Online reviews, as we all know, have a powerful impact on business. Getting them, however, can be tricky. You always want to encourage your customers to leave reviews. Give them various simple options.

Moz Local has a great setup with comment and replies for their reviews. When customers see you always reply this increases the likelihood of getting reviews as well.

This isn’t all about SEO. Reviews add to your E-A-T, or expertise, authority, and trust-building. Things Google will rank your site higher for if you can properly demonstrate them. Using local SEO services London can help you establish all of this and more.

#3: Links

Speaking of authority, don’t forget your link-building. Building local links will help you go up in ranks on Google maps. Local links also will drive the local traffic you need to get actual business in the door. If you are looking for local seo services in the uk visit this site.

Follow these steps to create links with ROI potential:

  • Use the relationships you already have with other businesses
  • Businesses that complement your services (ex: if you have a hair salon, a local makeup artiste would be a great complement to your service)
  • Use local SEO services London to create keyword-rich relevant content that people want to read and share with built-in backlinks

Bonus! Use this checklist as you review your site to make sure your local SEO is where it should be:

  1. NAP – business name, address, phone number
  2. Business and holiday hours
  3. Website
  4. Booking Links
  5. Optimize your GMB intro
  6. Add ALL your products and services
  7. Verify your listing
  8. Respond to Q&A and customer reviews
  9. High-quality photos of business, logo, team, signage, and location
  10. Optimize your reviews

There’s MORE. You need to optimize your site as well to really maximize your local SEO. I suggest getting a local SEO Services London agency to do this for you as they are pros and can save you lots of time and money. Some of the things they will do are create a local page, keyword, title, meta descriptions and more will be optimized, city-specific KWs, effective call-to-actions, and links that direct to your site and local page.

With all of these elements checked off and done, the only thing you will need to worry about is handling the massive amount of traffic and customers!


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