The Results Are In – This Is The Average Size Of A Woman’s Vagina…

The results might surprise you.

Whilst it isn’t hard to find research undertaken in order to ascertain the average penis size, there has been a definite lack of studies into the average dimensions of a vagina. This is probably because penis size is something that factors largely into the way most men see themselves, as it’s not exactly something that you’re likely to miss when looking in the mirror (unless you’ve got some serious issues with your junk like this fellow who lopped off his member to keep himself from masturbating).

Over the last couple of years, however, researchers have been more keen to embark on the task of figuring out what the average size of a vagina actually is. The results from the studies are interestingly in depth, providing average sizes for each different part of a vagina. Lets have a look shall we?

Flower Vagina

1. Labia Majora

Traditionally, when you conjure up a mental image of the downstairs female anatomy, what you will be picturing (as demonstrated here) will be the Labia Majora, more commonly referred to as the “outer lips.” The average length of these is approximately 8.1 centimetres. This isn’t actually that large when you think about it, though anyone reading who has ever either watched enough porn will know that this is a figure that varies. Heavily.

2. Labia Minora

So incase you aren’t aware, these are the “inner lips” of the vagina that help to protect this delicate area. According to most studies, the two lips were actually different in average size, with the left being about 2.1 centimetres long and the right being only 1.9. What’s even weirder is that, as it turns out, both the Labia Minora and the Labia Majora get progressively smaller as women get older. Weird huh?

3. Clitoris

If I relate again to the comment I made earlier about experience gained from watching copious amounts of porn, most of us know that the clitoris something that comes in all shapes and sizes. The average width of the clitoris was found to be 0.8 centimetres, whilst the average length was 1.6. The studies also indicated that women with wider clitorises would often find it easier to achieve orgasm, which makes sense when you think about it.

4. Vaginal Canal

According to the studies, unless you’ve recently given birth or crouched over a powerful water jet, the average width of your vaginal canal will be around 3 centimetres, though obviously this particular part of the vagina is quite good at changing size to… accommodate visitors.


So I hope we all learned something there. I certainly did, despite not possessing a vagina myself.

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