The art of what you may know as ‘midget tossing’.

Inspired by the recent article on hiring a midget I was vaguely reminded of a friend telling me about a sport known as “dwarf tossing”. At the time I brushed this off as more myth than truth, thinking surely this was a farfetched idea with it sounding ridiculously painful, nevermind considering the moral ethics of it. However, with some research I have found that this was once (and may well still be) an (sort of) established sport, in which contestants throw a small person as far as they can.

The sport is believed to have come about in Australia in the 80’s when to be honest, drunk people clearly just had too much time on their hands. It should be assumed that the small people involved were participating willingly and were wearing appropriate padded protection to avoid injury, though I shudder to think about the truth of it. Delving deeper I found that in 1986 there was actually a ‘Dwarf Tossing World Championship’ held in Australia, with the English team coming out on top, and to be honest I’m not sure this really does a lot for our country’s pride. The world record has been set by a man named ‘Cuddles’ (though it has not yet been confirmed if this is what his mother calls him) and is set at a whopping twelve feet and nine inches.

However fascinating we may find this sport, I feel that it shouldn’t be disputed that it is wholly inhumane and about as ‘pc’ as my nan. The society of The little people of America managed to bring about a ban of the sport in certain parts of America, though back in 2002 a stuntman, measuring three feet and seven inches, went to court to try and stop the ban, as he had previously been earning his living from it.

See below for articles concerning various dwarves and their tossers…

Whatever your views on it, you too can participate in the rather strange sport here here, though without harming your conscience or any small people.


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