Re living the best of the good, the bad and the plain bloody nonsensical trash talk that world sport has produced, from cricket to boxing.

‘Mental Disintegration’ was the term once used by Australian cricket captain Steve Waugh to describe sledging in sport. ‘Daylight Yobbery’ would also suffice. Trash talking/Hot dogging/Smack talking has become an art form whereby players or sportsmen aim to put off their opponents and gain advantage within play. There is debate as to whether this constitutes poor sportsmanship or humorous banter. It all depends how good you are…

Who doesn’t love it when a little jovial insult is added to the mix? As sporting history has shown us, sometimes raw displays of athleticism and the blood, sweat and tears of grown men just aren’t as satisfying without a cheap ‘Ya Mum!’ shot out on the field.

Some of the greatest world sporting figures of all time are not only famous for their bite, but for their bark too. Let’s meet the contenders.

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