The Best Legal Online Casino In The US

After a very long time since all forms of online gambling were banned in the United States, there’s a strong ray of hope. The US Supreme Court decision to deem the 1992 federal law on gambling as unconstitutional has opened the door for top online casinos in the industry to target the US market and put an end to all the offshore casinos that dominated the landscape.



Even though the 2018 Supreme Court decision is a huge step forward towards regulating the US online gambling and betting landscape, things are still far from being straightforward. Each state can now decide what’s the position they’re going to take on online gambling and so far, things are looking good only in a handful of states like New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, West Virginia or Indiana.

Online casino enthusiasts may think things are moving really slow, however, one must not forget that we’re talking about an industry that it’s still in its infancy. All the online casinos operating beforehand in the US were all illegal operating from Costa Rica or Panama, with no legitimacy whatsoever.


Before you start looking for legal online casinos in the United States, you need to know a thing or two on how these venues can operate. Of course, the details change from state to state, however, there’s a general agreement that an online casino can’t legally operate in the US without having established their business in the country. This means all the big companies that want to provide their services to US players need to set up shop in the US.

It looks like the big companies decided to form partnerships with the existing land-based gambling companies rather than starting fresh. That was the case for William Hill, 888 and Unibet – three of the most successful iGaming companies that were quick to capitalize on the hunger that US casino aficionados had.


The first thing to check as a casino player looking for the US best online casino is the games offered by the casino you’re about to join. Of course, since only the top brands have breached the market so far, the choice isn’t that hard. However, as the casino offer will diversify in the United States, you should know what to look for.

Top online slot and table games as a must for any online casino that wants to entertain its customers and give them a great experience. The newest titles from top software providers like NetEnt or Microgaming, as well as the all-time classics, are a must for any casino that wants to succeed. However, if you would like to get a quick overview about playing casino games online, just take a look at this site.


US casino players are still marked by the times when offshore casinos ran the industry and withdrawals could get confiscated without reason. So, another very important feature that all casinos operating inside the US should offer is quick payouts. There’s nothing to boost confidence in your product like making sure players get their wins as fast as possible. To do so, casinos need to offer versatile deposit and withdrawal methods as well and that may not be so easy to achieve since the UIGEA law still a big roadblock in making online payments generally available for casino enthusiasts.

However, these big brands that we mentioned earlier found ways to make sure they can get the funds to their customers quickly and in complete safety, setting a standard that is going to be quite hard to follow by the ones deciding to join the market later on.

We’re sure that other states will show interest in making online gambling legal after the first reports about the tax revenue registered by the states that already allow this activity. After all, if done right, online gambling offers a win-win-win situation – players are happy to be able to enjoy high-quality services, casinos operate in a hugely diverse market and the states themselves round their revenue and can use the extra money for several projects.


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