Strategies To Win At Slot Games In 2019

Most people who are armed with the best gambling tactics and strategies are heading to the poker and blackjack tables right? That may be true in part, but the belief that you dont need a strategy to play online slots is wrong. You may be tricked into thinking that you just need to wear your lucky pants and press a button to win at slots, but you can adopt some techniques and strategies which will help increase the chances of winning big cash prizes. There is no doubt that online slot players dont need as many strategies as table game players, but if you are a slot fan, consider the points below before heading to your local casino.

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1.     Choose the RIGHT Game

One of the best strategies to win at an online slot game can be implemented before you open your account at online casino mFortune and other established operators. To win on the slots you need to play the slot games that offer the best chances of winning and a real chance of winning good money. Consider what the payout rates of your usual slot gamer are and match them up against the other ones you have yet to try. Your ticket to success may be on another fun machine. Plus, always remember to factor in the minimum and maximum stakes of each slot to find one that matches your budget.

2.     The Hit-and-Run Strategy

This online slot strategy is executed by playing a slot machine with the highest stake possible but only playing a single spin. If you win, you stay seated for another but if you lose you move on to another slot game. The good news about this one is that if you dont win, you still get to experience all the other slot games.

3.     The Mathematician’s Strategy

On the other hand, there are slot machines that use professor-like techniques. It takes extreme patience but due to being based on maths, it is highly effective. Dont worry it is not going to land you in trouble with the casinos. To complete this strategy, you must:

·     Look for a slot game that is equal paying

·     Keep playing until you win and win again while counting the number of spins    between each win, i.e. calculate the spins between each win

·     Repeat this ten times to work out an average

·     Take your new-found estimates to a slot game with a higher payout

4.     Remember Bonuses

Most casinos online and in the real world offer bonuses and promotions. Just like we started this post with the need to find the best slot machine, you also need to find the best casino to maximise your chances of winning on these games. The best casinos will offer you free spins and bonuses that will nudge the odds slightly more in your favour.

And thats that. These are some of the best strategies to help you win at slot machines. Its true that playing other online casino games involves more technique and player input, but saying that online slots are just crossed fingers and prayers is a mistake. Use these techniques and good luck on the (virtual) casino floor!


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