Stoner Accidentally Crashes Into Weed Shop; Uses Opportunity To Buy A Spliff

Weed shop stop

When in Rome.

CCTV footage captured the moment two Snohomish County weed shop employees were very nearly injured after a customer accidentally drove through one of their shop walls.

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The video shows an SUV driving through the shop, which based in Washington, causing a TV set to come crashing down on manager Curtis Dong’s head. Luckily the incident, which unfolded last Sunday, did not cause any serious harm and only grazed Curtis’ head. Phew.

The driver said that his accelerator got stuck, and police did not detain the driver. A spokesperson for the local police department added that they were not launching an investigation.

Perhaps due to the fact that no real damage or intent was involved in this incident, the driver decided to use this prime opportunity to complete his visit to the shop by buying a spliff of blueberry strain. When in Rome and all that.

Apparently Washington currently doesn’t have any drive-thru weed shops yet – maybe this was the driver’s sneaky plan to make it happen. Mission accomplished.


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