Should I Hire A College Consultant?

The college admissions counselor plays a very important role in the future student’s life. It is absolutely normal to be in doubt about making a specific decision. And wonder if you need a consultant is one of those hard questions that people need to think about. Of course, thanks to admissionado reviews it is easier to know where to start. And in this article, we will also try to answer if you should hire a college consultant.

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Who are college consultants?

Before going to college, the student and his parents face a tremendous amount of stress and pressure. Hopes, plans, expectations, and awe often get in the way of a focus on everything that needs to be done before entering college. But it all requires high-quality preparation, attention, and coordination of all actions. This is why admissionado reviews and professional support are so important.

A college consultant is a person who:

  • helps applicants to deal with educational and career options;
  • helps to prepare all documents in the most efficient way so that they highlight the qualifications and experience of the student in the best way;
  • provides comprehensive support throughout the admission process;
  • acts as a person who can look at everything “from the outside”, especially when it comes to the preparation of introductory documents and letters.

First conversation

If you want to talk to a consultant before deciding whether you need one, then do not be surprised that the conversation will be long.

A good consultant will:

  • ask your child questions about his education, interests, preferences, favorite subjects;
  • will ask you to provide a report card with grades to understand what your child is doing, what is easier for him to cope with, and what is more difficult;
  • will not interrupt you and your child during a conversation;
  • will fully explain all aspects of the admission process, and if you decide to continue to cooperate in the future, he will take on most of the important issues, such as a list of required documents;
  • during the collaboration, the consultant will tell you what tests your child needs to take (SAT, GMAT, TOEFL), and if the test has already been passed, he/she will frankly tell you what to expect given the results obtained;
  • help to determine what college you should apply to and what qualifications to get;
  • know any information about the admission that you need.

What should you ask a consultant?

Here are some important questions to ask the college counselor before starting a collaboration:

  1. What he/she thinks of the colleges you have already chosen and what alternatives he/she can advise;
  2. How exactly he/she can help your child with admission and becoming a leader;
  3. Ask about the consultant’s experience and results, feel free to ask counter-questions for more details;
  4. What methods of work does he/she use;
  5. How much time he/she needs to get acquainted with all the documents;
  6. How will the consultant work with your child;
  7. How he/she differs from other consultants;
  8. What is his/her experience of working with returnees? And how he/she works with those with low academic performance.

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Answering these questions will show you what difficulties the consultant is able to cope with and whether his/her experience is right for you.

Now on the Internet and sites like admissionado review you can find a lot of important information about college consultants, reviews of their previous clients, and the results of their work with applicants. The help of a college counselor will make it easier for you to choose a college and apply to it. These are specific people who are engaged not only in working with documents, but also provide support and assistance to you and your child.


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