Science Technology – How They Coincide


We might need a new way to refer to scientific and technological advancements in which science and technology must coincide. Perhaps science technology which is tech designed to aid in scientific advancements is the answer. Each work hand in hand to help the other advance. We use our scientific discoveries to create new and improved tech, which in turn helps with more scientific discoveries.

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There is so much proof that science technology exists and how deeply related the two are. Science uses technology to solve problems, and vice versa. Although they each have different goals, they can assist each other in many ways. For instance, the goal of science is to answer pressing questions and the goal of technology is to find solutions to the problems we have.

Examples Of Science Technology At Work

For example, the Hubble Telescope, which in the 1990s began to orbit the earth. However, scientists have used telescopes for hundreds of years, since the first one was invented in the early 17th century. The inventor of the telescope used his knowledge of light properties to design the first telescope. This is an excellent example of how science and technology coincide.

After Lippershey produced the first telescope, it quickly became a standard piece of equipment for men of science. Shortly after, the Italian inventor Galileo decided to work on improving Lippershey’s design to create a more powerful telescope. What this new tool could do is make objects visible that would appear invisible to the human eye. Galileo mainly used his invention to study the stars and planets in the night sky. This led to incredible scientific discoveries.

When we think of technology these days, Galileo is not someone that immediately comes to mind. Most of us consider smartphones, computers, and the internet that allows us to play online pokies NZ at home.

However, it was with the use of his early technological tool, the telescope that he was able to fully observe the moon and the sun. And with these discoveries, humans realized that the earth is at the center of the solar system, not the sun as they thought previously.

Modern western science would not exist without the technology of the 1600s that continued to evolve.

Further Examples Of Early Technological Inventions

There are countless examples of science technology, too numerous to list. However, since we’re on the vein of telescopic technology, let’s move on to another invention that revolutionized scientific discoveries.

The microscope is also an invention by Galileo, around the same time he produced the telescope. And the microscope relies on the same science of lenses and light. In turn, the microscope now aids scientists to observe tiny molecules that they wouldn’t have access to otherwise.

Most importantly, the microscope led to the discovery of cells which are the building blocks of every living creature. Without this medical science would not exist, and we would be blaming our illness on all sorts of other things as our ancestors did.

We also have science technology to thank for most of the modern inventions that make our days go by smoothly.


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