Science Has Officially Discovered How Long The Average Man Lasts In Bed


Finally an accurate point of comparison.

I’m pretty much 100% sure that every single guy reading this will have at least once in their life contemplated the amount of time they spend having sex with a girl. Even if they didn’t blow their load quickly (pretty much every guy reading this has at some point), then they might be concerned about the fact that they were taking too long and the girl (or guy sure) was getting bored. It’s a serious issue.

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Thankfully now though, you don’t need to worry about it anymore. A Redditor named Randal Olson stumbled upon a study comparing the premature ejaculation in men in Spain, Turkey, the Netherlands, the UK and the US in the Journal of Sexual Medicine and was kind enough to share his results. The article examined 500 heterosexual couples over a four week period and tracked the time that it took a man to come from the time he placed his penis inside the woman’s vagina.

And guess what? If you thought most guys were banging their partners for two hours straight whilst you spunked everywhere after about five minutes then you can relax – it turns out that the average time that a guy spends in a woman’s vagina before blowing his load is a measly 6 minutes. Almost makes you feel good eh?

Here’s a graph of the results:

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As you can see, most men last between around 4 and 11 minutes and one dude made it to 53 minutes. Good effort. Anything over 21 minutes was officially counted as ‘unusual’ by the study though, so next time you end up shagging a girl for 15 minutes and she complains that it wasn’t long enough, maybe point her in the direction of this study. I’m sure that’ll work out well for you.

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If you’re still worried about the whole situation though, here are some pro tips to avoid premature ejaculation.


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