Ridiculous Tour Riders


Fame generally means you can get what you want, when you want. Some of these prima donnas really take the piss when it comes to their diva demands, from certain coloured foods to photos of Princess Diana and dictating who can make eye contact with them and when.

Before appearing at Tennent’s Vital Festival in Northern Ireland last year, Eminem wondered what the most inconvenient, pointless thing for everyone except him would be. Then his highly irrational light bulb flickered and he took the piss like a boss, demanding something that no one in their entire life has, or will ever need, ever. He requested a wooden pond be built in his backstage area and filled with $600 koi carp. I don’t know much about koi carp except that every second person has a tattoo of one, but I’m pretty sure they don’t assist in vocal warm ups, or make very good friends. I really could rant about this kind of extravagance all day, but no need to carp on about it I guess. (Boom!)

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