Pornhub Release Revolutionary New Way Of Burning Calories While Watching Porn


Welcome to ‘BangFit’.

I’m pretty sure that everyone reading this will be aware of just how difficult it is to keep fit in modern society as we spend most of our time sitting down at a desk working and not being active like our bodies were designed to be. As such, whenever we want to try and lose weight or get into shape we head to the gym, but pretty much everyone hates going to the gym so it’s very easy to fall off the wagon and start putting on weight.

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One thing that we’ll always have time for though is sex and Pornhub have realised this and developed a revolutionary new exercise system to combine burning calories and banging your other half. It’s called BangFit and basically involves you assuming various positions and following the guidelines on screen  in order to get fit.

This video explains a little bit more about it:

Sounds fun right? I initially thought it was a joke because it seems too stupid to be real, but I checked out the website and it’s all there for you to see, with a choice of about 20 different sexercises including Downward Doggy, Cowgirl Crunches and Booty Builders.


It’s a great idea basically and I’m sure it’s one that everyone can get behind (heh) too. It might be a bit weird having sex with your partner whilst watching a computer screen, but I suppose if you do it once and reap the benefits then you’ll get past that. And it probably beats going to the gym any day of the week too.

If that doesn’t work, check out this guy’s perfect four point guide on how to lose weight.


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