Police Are Hunting For A Man Caught Pooing Outside London Flats

What is he doing?

Even though we’re still in the midst of a global pandemic, it seems like some people are still out there doing the grossest activities possible, as a runner was caught on CCTV dropping a log outside a luxury London flat in Fulham.

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A resident on Klevedon Road named Sophie Penn first shared the picture of the man seemingly randomly defecated on her £830,000 apartment near Parsons Green station. Police are currently trying to identify him and bring him in, with one resident explaining how upset the local community is about all this:

Everyone is absolutely mortified by it.

The woman who shared it was shocked, she’s called him the ‘doorstep dumper.

I think it’s a one off but it’s pretty shocking.

There was a bit of an issue around here during lockdown with people getting caught short after visiting Parsons Green, people seemed to be relieving themselves in nearby roads.

Not sure what’s more concerning here, the fact that this guy has been caught on CCTV or the fact that this guy who was interviewed said that people who were visiting Parsons Green were all pooping in local roads on their way home? Isn’t it just a bit weird how he just casually drops it in like it’s kinda of normal? Feel like someone needs to let him know that this isn’t a regular issue that he should be having to deal with.

As for the guy in the CCTV picture, he seems like he must be a total psychopath as he’s pretty much staring at the camera whilst he’s letting rip all over the front door. Kinda like he wants to get caught – surely it’s not gonna take too long for the internet to work their magic and completely ruin this guy’s life?

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