Video On Sky News Apparently Shows Paris Terrorist Winking Into The Camera AFTER The Attack

Who else would wink into a camera the day after the worst terrorist attacks in your nation’s history?

This is all kinds of messed up if it’s true.

Sky News were reporting on the Paris terror attacks over the weekend and filmed some fairly generic footage of people walking around Paris in the wake of the attacks. Fairly generic that is except for the fact that one of the Paris terror suspects Salah Abdeslam appears to walk past the camera and wink into it during the montage.

Check it out, it’s around 0:14. There’s another video below that slows the footage down dramatically to try and determine if it is actually him or not.

Now, I’m not sure if that’s 100% Salah, but I’m not 100% it isn’t either. It does seem kind of strange that anyone would wink into the camera the day following the biggest ever terrorist attack on your country. The only reasons I can think of are that they were an absolute prick or perhaps they had something to do with it and wanted to mess with the Western world even more.

The original post also says that he’s walking the wrong way down the street in order to do this, but I don’t think that’s true because the car behind him is going that way too – it doesn’t really look like he had to change his direction in order to do this then.

The guy does look like Salah but unfortunately I don’t really think you can confirm or deny it. The fact that there are reports of Salah being stopped at the Belgian border hours after the attack but being allowed on his way don’t really help corroborate this theory either, but if it turns out that Salah is in fact still in Paris then this video will probably have helped with identifying that.

We can only hope that the powers that be find him soon. Hopefully now that Anonymous have declared war on them, it’ll happen a lot quicker.

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