A New Study Reveals 14% Of Marriages End In Divorce Because Of Alcohol Addiction


Many couples end their marriages for various reasons; from infidelity to willful neglect and even insanity. But a recent study done by shows another culprit that adds to the divorce stats.

Featured Image VIA launched a new and interesting study relating to alcohol addiction and how it can end 14% of marriages! This is quite a large number if you consider 50% of marriages end in divorce. The study was conducted across America, in many different states, where 1000 couples were interviewed and asked why their marriages had failed.

The results showed that alcohol addiction was a major cause of divorce. Heavy drinking refers to 14 or more alcoholic beverages in one week. The studies also revealed that men were more likely to have alcohol addiction than women.

Many complained that their spouses would spend money on buying alcohol, rather than spending the money wisely on things, such as food for the family. Alcohol addiction also increased the risk of domestic violence and abuse. The abuse could be physical or emotional, with women often being the victims. This also caused severe issues relating to the emotional health of children within the marriage. Alcohol addiction also leads to verbal abuse, the study revealed.

When it comes to ending a marriage because of alcohol addiction, it is the third most common reason for women to want a divorce and the eighth-most common reason for men to want a divorce. Alcohol addiction is also one of the greatest reasons why couples seek the help of a marital counselor before ending their marriages.

The study also revealed that when one spouse was a heavy drinker it leads to unhappy marriages and less marital satisfaction, hence many marriages ending in divorce. But at the same time, when both couples drink alcohol they seem a bit happier than those couples where only one has an alcohol addiction. This could be because these couples drink together for recreation. The same study showed that when both couples have drinking problems but don’t drink together, their marital happiness is reduced.

Of course, most couples do drink now and again, but the problem comes in when couples become addicted to alcohol. Alcohol addiction can make a person’s life spiral out of control. For example, a person might be hungover at work, which could affect their working ability, and in turn, lead to them losing their job. This could also cause added strain on a marriage.

The same study showed that most couples will get divorced within 5 years if their spouse is a heavy drinker. Oftentimes this is to save the family from physical or emotional abuse, especially when children are involved.

The good news is though, that some couples are able to make their marriages work with a bit of marital counseling or rehab. This takes a lot of work, from the partner who has an alcohol addiction and can only work if the person who has a drinking problem realizes that they have an issue.

So if you would like to save your marriage, try limiting your drinking to less than 4 times in one week. Save your marriage from ending up with the 14% of marriages that end because of alcohol addiction.


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