The Ned Flanders Metal Band Okily Dokily’s First Music Video Is As Weird As You’d Expect


Been waiting over a year for this one.

A while ago, the internet went totally crazy when it discovered that some dudes from America had actually started a Ned Flanders themed metal band called ‘Okily Dokily’ and with good reason – the whole thing was absolutely stupid and hilarious.

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At the time, the band only had a couple of dumb promo shots and badly recorded mp3s available, but it seems like they’ve been busy working behind the scenes in the ensuing time as they’ve just dropped their first music video for ‘White Wine Spritzer’. Any idea how this is going to turn out?

Yeah, that’s probably even stupider than I imagined. I don’t listen to metal as much as I used to but I didn’t think the song itself was that bad for this genre and it kind of reminded me of HORSE the band if anyone remembers them? They were a pretty fucking stupid band when they were around too. Probably wouldn’t be surprised if the Ned Flanders band actually featured members of them now.

If you’re down for more of this crap then Oily Dokily have an album coming out this Friday called Howdilly Doodilly. Make America great again. If you just want more Ned Flanders, then check out 15 Simpsons characters that you can find in real life.


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