Mental Naked Russian Guy Catches A Fish Using His Dick As Bait (VIDEO)

Man fish


I haven’t really ever gotten into fishing or even been, but from what I understand it’s not a common practice to use your dick as bait to catch the fish. Or to go fishing naked. But then again, this is Russia and common practice kinda goes out of the window over there.

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In the video below, a full on naked man catches a fish using only his dick as bait and it’s 100% legit. He’s wearing any clothes, he dives in the river and then gets back out again with the fish sucking on his dick. Absolute legend.

Wow. I mean I guess he could maybe have caught the fish with his hand then whacked it on his dick for comic effect, but he really does seem insanely happy about it happening and wanting to show everyone so I kind of think it’s real. Although it does beg the question of what’s weirder – catching a fish using your penis as bait or making a video of you faking catching a fish using your penis as bait? Tough one.

Here’s a video of a competitive fishing tournament known as the Booze Cup. Take a guess how that turns out.


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