Moving In With A Friend: Here Are Some Things To Know

We have all dreamt of living with our friends in our childhood and now this is a common social practice that people move in with their friends to create new memories and share their experiences. It sounds fun to share a living space with your best friend. We cannot deny the fact that along with all the fun, we also get to save a hefty amount of money by sharing space. The best local moving companies explain that it is so obvious that you will be saving a lot of money on rent and bills while living a free life with your best pal. But in reality, it won’t only be fun, laughter, and happy times; along with the fun sides of the situation, you will have your share of responsibilities too failing to which you may lose your friend forever.


Moving in with your friends:

Though you may assume that living with your best friend will be a crazy holiday, you will have to make a few lifestyle changes too to adjust to your new life with a partner. Living with a friend may seem like all fun, however, living with someone 24/7 is altogether a different case. No matter how well you think you know each other, moving in with a friend will put your friendship to a test. Some very small mistakes can lead to serious trouble but that doesn’t mean that you cannot live with your friend. Living and sharing space with a friend is a good and pocket-friendly idea if you take care of certain things. However, it can make your friendship even stronger if you plan and organize your move-in process well.

We are discussing some pros and cons of living with friends and how you can make it a good experience.


Shared Expenses

Along with all the fun and mischief, you will also be sharing expenses that will give you the advantage of saving some money. It is a great idea to move in with a friend if you have a limited monthly budget and you don’t afford to live on your own. You can share all the monthly expenses with your friend including rent, groceries, utility bills, and other expenses.

Shared Responsibilities

Sharing responsibilities is another big benefit of moving in with a friend. You will get help in all the household chores and even for outdoor activities like buying groceries and all. You can make a weekly or monthly schedule of work responsibilities where you can equally distribute house chores including cleaning, cooking, and dishes. Well-planned and distributed responsibilities will create harmony in the house.

Happy Times and Mutual Reliability

Living with your friend means a long holiday, fun, and happy times and getting bored is a far-off thing. You enjoy each moment of your life. You can rely upon each other for moral and emotional support. You can easily go through the emotional traumas of your life with friends.

Togetherness While Being Yourself

Being with your best friend will give you the privilege of being yourself and you do not need to pretend to be someone else. As you both know each other and each other’s preferences well, you will enjoy your togetherness.


Though moving in with a friend can give you hope of being happy together all the time, the story may have another face too. The most possible disadvantage of being with a friend is getting in a fight. We cannot simply deny the possibility of a fight especially when we stay together 24/7.

No Privacy

No matter how much we love to be with our friends, we always crave some personal time, and being with someone all the time will give you no privacy. Everyone likes the idea of hanging out, watching movies, and playing games together but at the same time, one cannot be in the high spirits all the time. We all need some personal space sometimes and that is what you lack when you share space with someone.

Ruined Friendship

There is a fair chance that you may lose or spoiled your friendship with your lovely friend over money or chores. Generally, people are different when meeting occasionally but when we stay together, we do not like each other’s lifestyle and way of organizing things. Different priorities at different times may lead to unwanted conflict. Also, you may have differences over money matters. It is very well said that you should bring money into a relationship only if you are willing to ruin it.

With all the above-said pros and cons, there are various others. People confess how they felt sorry for taking the decision in a hurry. So, it is wise to discuss your terms and conditions before moving in together to keep any conflicts at bay. Make sure you discuss your budget, duties, responsibilities, shared things, and places well. Don’t forget to discuss and make rules related to guest policy with your friend to avoid any uncomfortable situations in the future.


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