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With great music, you can touch lives and change the world. And whether you’re a seasoned professional or a fledgling artist you no doubt understand that great music is first and foremost the product of superb creative genius. But today’s music is also 90% resources and with the role that technology is playing in life in the modern world who can blame the industry for leaning more on the tools that are available? Among those magnificent tools are sound packs; a collection of sounds compiled into one file from which musicians can select pieces to use.

If you create music in the 21st century, you need sound packs. There’s no way around it. Whether the music you’re making is Pop, Hip Hop or R and B, sound packs will help you create the right musical arrangement.  In the music world, there’s nothing quite like that perfect sound pack. At the very least each producer should be armed with a few basic sound packs, but to really make waves in the music world you need specially created royalty-free resources.

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Lo-fi music, also known as DIY music, has a long history in the entertainment field and while it may be dismissed by many as a lower quality of sound production, true professionals know that it has quite a prominent place in the modern audio creation world. In fact, Lo-fi(with the Fi standing for fidelity which means quality)sounds contribute a certain level of authenticity to some audio productions. The background sounds that were traditionally targeted for removal as imperfections in traditional audio production are used as creative input for Lo-Fi music productions.

Popularized in the 1990s, Lofi music has evolved to become a stylistic feature of modern music. In its early years of existence, Lo-fi was associated with novice music production (specifically home recordings) and the use of cassettes a well as the musical genres punk, rock and generation X music. Later on other genres such as chill wave and hypnagogic pop also adopted the style and quickly became affiliated with it.

Examples of Lo-Fi sounds include phonographic flaws such as misplayed notes, corrupted audio signals, and tape hiss. Other examples are sounds from the environment (background noise) and misplayed notes. These authentic sound shave been used by many great musical acts over the years. Among the great names associated with the popularizing of Low-Fi include Paul McCartney, Ariel Pink, and the Beach Boys.


Hip Hop is synonymous with vibrant sounds, dance moves, and fashion. And while on the face of it the sounds may seem simple, it actually takes a lot of technical manoeuvring to produce those rhythmic beats. This is especially important since the combinations that make a hip hop beat number one on the charts are so varied.  Of course the road to great beats begins with producer inspiration and is fuelled by knowledge of the basics. These basics are at the core of every chart-topping hip hop production.

One of the key things you need to consider when creating a beat is the audience you’re hoping to captivate. As you go through the creative process try to allow the beat to grow and evolve in a natural sort of way. It is also important to ensure that your resulting sound isn’t the subject of copyright infringement (this is where the royalty-free status of our sound packs becomes a crucial advantage).

If you want to produce fantastic catchy hip hop tracks you’ll definitely need great beats and those great beats are often nestled in sound packs like the ones carried by We specialize in creating high impact sounds that cut through the mix, which are perfect for top hip hop producers to use.


When you need that perfect sound pack, you need not look any further than, producers of a wide range of world-class sound packs. The sound packs produced by are designed to suit a wide range of needs.

At we infuse our sound packs with sounds that are uniquely appealing and applicable in a broad range of musical genres. Our premium packs are expertly crafted and feature Lo-fi, Midi and SFX or Cinematic elements among others. Our loops are royalty-free which means that with each purchase you also get the added advantage of hassle-free usage.

Armed with these expert quality sound packs, you’ll quickly realise that the sky is the limit when it comes to your musical potential and when the music you release makes it out into the wider world the audiophile world will thank you for it! These sounds may very well turn out to be the foundation upon which you’ll build that world-class musical career!



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