Learn the Secrets of Professional Video Editing

Video editing requires patience and attention to detail, and if you decide to master this occupation or enhance your skills, this article will be useful for both beginners and professionals. The movie and video production industry gain popularity every year, and people do not imagine their lives without watching films, video blogs, TV, etc. It’s reported that the Movie & Video Production industry market size, measured by revenue, will be $17.4bn in 2021. However, video game movies failed to capture the audience’s attention and became disappointing. You can explore the reasons for this failure in the article and be careful when accepting video editing propositions concerning video game movies.

Video editing is a very time-consuming process, so in order to become a professional video editor, you should have a thirst for the knowledge needed for mastering the occupation. These tips and techniques will help you discover many interesting details for enhancing video editing proficiency.


Main Video Editing Challenges

While editing a video, you may face some issues that slow down the process and deteriorate the output. Even professional editors are not immune to these issues, so all you need is to learn to recognize them to avoid them in the future. 

  • Disorganized video editing process; if you do not think about the results of the video and stages of its creation, it will be messy and ineffective. It’s essential to have a vision for your production and plan its beginning, middle, and end. Incorporate all the ideas and points that come into your mind in the best way. 
  • Low-quality audio; audio is an integral element of video production, but there may be cases when it is badly recorded that affect the output. You need to crop and cut all elements that deteriorate the video quality and retain the elements that convey the message. 
  • Out-of-sync audio; If you have to work with varying audio sample rates or video frame rates, you need to separate the clips into smaller parts and increase or decrease the frame rate till it syncs with the audio. 
  • Inappropriate use of fonts and effects: many editors have a temptation to use different fonts in the video but you can choose only one or two readable Sans serif fonts. Please, edit the video using not many effects that distract the viewer, and try to keep it simple without sharp transitions. 

Top Secrets of Professional Videos Editing

Today the video editing industry is expanding at an accelerating rate, and top professionals are not willing to share useful data with their potential competitors. We’re sure that even beginners can find their place in the profession as there are a plethora of video editing jobs in the market. Here, we prepared video editing secrets that can help you become an artist.

Use Advanced Video Editing Software 

With the right software, you will have incredible results and save time and effort. Professional tools are not free as they provide a wide range of advantageous features needed for a smooth and fruitful editing process. You need to spend some time learning the pros and cons of your software for editing so that it’ll be your indispensable assistant for any kind of work.

We want to draw your attention to a professional video software by Movavi that is used by 3 mln people worldwide and offers a lot of great options for video creation and editing. With Movavi, you can benefit from such video editing tools as crop and cut, rotate, add watermark, automatic video quality enhancement, many artistic effects, etc. Its advantageous features are the following: 

  • easy to use; 
  • high converting speed;
  • 180 supported devices;
  • many input and output video formats;
  • the HD workflow;
  • built-in sound effects and music;
  • inbuilt keyframe features and Callouts.

The disadvantages of the video editing software include

  • seven free trial days and video with watermark;
  • a limited number of templates for text templates and transitions;
  • basic controls over color tuning.

Choose the Appropriate Computer

With a fast computer, you will have more time for the editing process rather than optimizing it. There are plenty of high-quality products in the market, so you need to choose a computer with a fast storage drive, RAM with at least 4GB, and a good video card. You can choose both Macs and PCs to edit video, however, a PC is more cost-efficient. Many are more comfortable with a Mac, so always choose the device that you feel more comfortable with.  

Simplify Workflow with the Keyboard Shortcuts

Professional video editors save time on the project using the keyboard that allows them to perform the tasks more efficiently. At first, this technique may seem complicated to beginners, but learning and training will improve your skills. Here you can find a lot of really good keyboard shortcut resources.

Cheat Sheets

In order to memorize the keyboard shortcuts and facilitate the editing process, you should print out a cheat sheet to reference while editing. It’d be better to use a simple keyboard shortcut that simplifies the process of performing basic editing actions like cutting or playback. Any time you want to touch the mouse, check the list with shortcuts to master your skills. 

Editing Keyboards

An editing keyboard with shortcut icons is an essential tool for a professional editor. A special editing keyboard will help you learn shortcuts, but you can use your ordinary keyboard by putting on the keyboard covers with printed icons on them. It’s a cost-effective option as you need only to replace a keyboard cover instead of an entire keyboard. There are many compelling covers for your keyboard in the market just choose the ones that fit your keys.

Learn the Relevant Lingo

Video editing professionals have a clear understanding of all terms and concepts concerning the industry. You are not obliged to know everything but understand and recognize basic terms that will assist you in communication with clients and colleagues. Consider these concepts to edit a video the best way possible:

  • A jump cut allows the editor to cut out certain portions of time. Using a jump cut, you can retain the audience’s visual interest without boring elements that make the output long and clunky. 
  • Cutting on action technique helps create a more captivating scene. Make the video more smooth by cutting the scenes when your subject is moving without waiting for the completion of each action. 
  • J and L Cuts are used for making one scene from two, overlapping audio or video. With a J-cut, you can hear the audio even before you see the visual. On the contrary, an L-cut is used for putting the video image before the audio. 
  • The urban isolation technique allows you to remove unnecessary things from the video retaining the core elements. Find more about this modern tool in the article


With modern and professional video editing software, you will be able to perform high-quality output without much time and effort. It’s not enough to crop and cut the video adding to its effects and music; there’s something more that needs to be learned.

Pay attention to useful tips to enhance your proficiency and gain recognition within your profession. 


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