Kourtney Kardashian Is Getting Ripped For A Massive Photoshop Fail On Her Instagram Page (NSFW)

What is going on here?

Of all the people who would double and triple check their photoshops before posting them on social media, you’d think the Kardashians would be right up there.

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Well looks like someone in Kourtney’s crew cocked up big time with this one and naturally she is getting slammed for it:

Let’s take a closer look…

What the actual hell is going on with her left leg? No wonder she’s getting such a hard time over it. It looks like her leg’s been detached from her body and reattached to her right shin. Not a realistic body image at all if you ask me. It can’t be that she’s super tall either and we can’t see the upper part of her leg because she’s only 5’1” – the shortest Kardashian girl.

Maybe she did it on purpose and was just hoping no one would notice because they were distracted by the ultra inspirational and relevant to a bath tub pic message she wrote beneath it:

OK then.

She’s left the photo up though so she probably doesn’t care that much. All publicity is good publicity. Just ask her new boyfriend Travis Barker.


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